Moscow guarantees worthless Belarusian analyst says

Is Belarus an ally of Russia or a potential victim of Kremlin aggression? This issues was actively discussed during the fourth, final release of the Territory of Truth talk show. The program was dedicated to forecasting the development of the conflict between Russia and NATO.

One of the experts of the program, Belarusian analyst Andrei Parotnikau, noted that Belarus is preparing itself to attack from any side. This statement was followed by a question from one of the program anchors, the Ukrainian journalist Vitaliy Portnikov:

“You say that aggression can come from any direction. But we see the map and know that Belarus is a member of the Collective Security Treaty, even if we forget about its allied relations with Russia within the framework of the Union State and other structures. It is clear that the level of trust may vary, but the level of agreements has not changed yet. How can an ally commit an act of aggression? ”

“Vitaliy, you are a citizen of Ukraine. Ukraine had the most developed base of agreements with the Russian Federation, including a large Friendship Treaty. What does the experience of aggression against Ukraine show? Agreements with Moscow, guarantees of Moscow are not worth the paper on which they are written,” answered the head of the analytical project “Belarus Security Blog ” Andrei Parotnikau.

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