Monday: trials of bloggers, pensioners, and new criminal convictions

On Monday, January 25, the Belarusian courts continued their usual circle. Uladzimir Chyzheuski, a resident of Astravets district, was sentenced to a year and three months in jail for insulting the President and the Minister of Internal Affairs.

About seventy people who showed solidarity with Pavel Spiryn did not fit into the courtroom. The blogger is accused of deliberate actions aimed at inciting racial, national, religious or other social hatred. The first hearing was held on Monday.

Two films by Pavel Spiryn, “Fringe” and “The terrible secret of the Prosecutor General of Belarus: carte blanche for sadism,” became the grounds for the case.

The blogger refused a lawyer, as he thought neither of them would help him.

Detainees started to be released from Babruisk detention center on Friday. At that time 12 people were behind bars. Some of them were searched. It is known that Alena Stryhunova was fined, as well as two other people.

Syrhei Byaliayeu, a 3rd group disabled citizen, was sentenced to three days in jail, which he has already served. Yauhen Habrylian got 12 days in jail. Ivan Manko and Dzmitry Kostsin got 10 days in jail each. Andrei Sinitsa‘s case was sent back for revision. Dzmitry and Yulia Yaskevich, doctors, accused in the criminal case for insulting police officers, were kept behind bars. In the end all of them were tried for participation in the protest on the basis of photos with flags.

The retired women who had been detained on the Fourteenth of December Wisdom March were also tried. Alyaksandra Shastakova was fined 870 rubles.

The detentions took place that day as well. Presumably because of the action on 14 December, when a huge white-red-white flag was hung in “Dana Mall” shopping center, and then the “Free Chorus” performed. The law enforcers arrested Dzyanis Ivanou, artist of the Chamber Choir of the State Philharmonic Society, at the rehearsal. The musician had already served 15 days in jail.

And right in the courtroom blogger Volha Takarchuk was detained for picketing. That’s how the investigation called the launch of balloons from the balcony. In court, the blogger was given a fine of 870 rubles for participating in the November 29 protest.

Dziyana Ratkevich/Belsat