Minsk most attractive city for Russians in CIS

The ranking was made based on the analysis of the on-line reservation data.

It is obvious that our capital attracts Russians by prices, although the Belarusian capital is not the cheapest for them.

According to the TurStat, tourists visit Minsk in the fall by an average of 2.5 days and spend $ 70 per day for lodgings.

Astana is in the second place (two days, $ 85 per day), Baku is the third (three days, $ 78).

The cheapest city for tourists in the CIS are Bishkek, Chisinau, while the most expensive ones are Astana and Baku.

The top 10 include Yerevan, Almaty, Tashkent, Ashgabat, Kyiv, Chisinau, and Bishkek.

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