Military drill to be held in Vitsebsk region in 2019 involving over 200 reservists

Military command and staff exercise will be held in Beshankovichy and Shumilina districts of the Vitsebsk region, in 2019, the military commissar of the region Colonel Ruslan Shkodzin told reporters.

The exercise will be formed using territorial troops involving about 200 reservists.

“We will involve men of 20 to 50 years old from the Beshankovichy area only. At present, the plan of the exercises is being developed, preparations are under way,” Shkodzin told BelTA.

The main efforts of the local troops are aimed at improving the efficiency of the management system, the level of training of officials of government bodies and local authorities responsible for territorial defense in their areas. Vitsebsk, Polatsk and Vorsha districts were named the best in this.

“All the others are also at a high enough level, the chairmen of the executive committees pay due attention to territorial defense,” the regional military commissioner added.

Next year, the planned and ad hoc checks of the district troops’ level of readiness will continue.


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