Maryia Kalesnikava urged Belarusians to protest further

One of the leaders of the Belarusian opposition, Maryia Kalesnikava, has called on her supporters to continue resistance, to know their rights and to seek a referendum on a return to the 1994 Constitution. The video recording made in the event of Kalesnikava’s arrest was published by the headquarters of Viktar Babaryka, where she used to work.

“We will push, push this regime. By all legal means. From now on, we will dispose of our time, our rights, our money as we want,” said Maryia Kalesnikava. ” We will definitely not be lost. And what will the state do, which becomes an outcast for its own citizens? What will the state, which has been boycotted by its citizens, do? We have not forgotten about the referendum. An initiative group will be registered with the introduction of a nationwide discussion of returning to the 1994 Constitution. They may reject us, but we will insist, and the party will appear, and the referendum will be held. This is as obvious as it is that our story will have a happy ending.”

“Keep expressing your disagreement, keep going out on the streets. It drives them crazy. Every day we are one step closer to victory only thanks to all of us, Belarusians, who are fighting together. And, as Maryia Kalesnikava says, push, push, push!” representatives of Babaryka’s headquarters added to the video.