Lukashenka urges Belarusian women to give birth to 3-4 kids

Lukashenka in Miyory. Phot. by

Belarusian women should have more children, president Alyaksandr Lukashenka told new mothers during a visit to the central district hospital in the town of Miyory.

“One should give birth to at least three or four children,” the presidential press service quoted him.

Lukashenka’s wish is hardly surprising if we take into account that during his rule the number of inhabitants of Belarus has decreased significantly. In 1996, the population of the country totalled to 10.17 mln; in 2018, it has declined to 9.49 mln.

No wonder that the Belarusian leader keeps encouraging young people to have more babies. He promises a world to multi-child families – housing, education, tax, travel privileges and a lot more. But in truth, it is easier said than done, and many large families have to nail the authorities down to their promises.

“The trend is that the average number of children per woman inexorably falls. And we are not talking about the third and fourth child, since the average is much lower , i.e. 1.5,” Natallya Rabava, Director of the School of Young Managers in Public Administration, said.


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