Lukashenka raises pensions for Belarusians


In Belarus, labor pensions will grow on August 1, by an average of 10%. The decree was signed by Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

The recalculation of labor pensions is due to the increase in the average wage, the amounts of minimum labor and social pensions, surcharges to pensions and other social benefits will also be recalculated. The amount of these payments is affected by an increase in the size of the per capita subsistence minimum budget.

As a result, the minimum amount of old-age pension (assigned to persons who have worked 25 and 20 years for men and women, respectively) from August 1 will be 207, 43 BYN.

At the same time, the percentage of pension increase as a result of recalculation for each pensioner will depend on the individual parameters of the length of service and the amount of earnings before retirement, as well as the extra money added to pensions.

It is assumed that the average size of pensions in Belarus will be 364.2 BYN in August.

The last time labor pensions in Belarus increased was May 1 — by an average of 5.4%.,

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