Elderly oncology patient gets 20 days in jail over reading book in Belarusian on train
On March 2, Partyzanski district court of Minsk sentenced 66-year-old Halina Hulyankova to 20 days of administrative arrest, Radio Svaboda reports.
‘What have I been punished for?’ 89-year-old protester gets hefty fine
Valeryia Smirnova and her 67-year-old daughter were detained in Independence Square on December, 14 during the March of Wisdom (aka March of Pensioners).
Round dancer from Homiel in jail after Christmas celebration
In the evening of January 9, the 72-hour detention term of the Homiel teacher ended.
Minsk: Pensioners’ March dispersed, dozens detained
Police bar elderly Minskers from holding Wisdom March. Belsat journos detained
The March of Pensioners aka Wisdom March was expected to start at about 12.00 in the Belarusian capital city.
March of Wisdom in Minsk
The protesters had to bypass the police cordons
March of Pensioners held in Minsk
The March of pensioners was held in Minsk
‘Grannies against violence’: Pensioners’ March in Minsk and regions
On Monday, several hundred senior citizens have taken to Minsk streets to protest against police violence.