The Liberal Democratic Party offers ‘Tell the Truth!’ to prepare for parliamentary elections

It was announced on October 14 by the First Deputy Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, Aleh Haydukevich.

“We respect Tatsiana Karatkevich and Andrei Dzmitryeu for the fact that, unlike some other opposition members, they went to the presidential elections and defended their position. Therefore, we propose to prepare together for the parliamentary elections in 2016. We are ready to discuss the candidates of the campaign “Tell the Truth!” and the Liberal Democratic Party and withdraw candidates in the general interest. This is to ensure that each district was the candidate of the government and the moderate opposition candidate. And this proposal we are making today, as we need to prepare for the parliamentary elections today, not tomorrow or the day after.”

Haydukevich said that the presidential campaign was a prelude to the main campaign — namely the parliamentary election campaign in 2016. “We want the Belarusian parliament to become again the place that it should occupy. This Parliament should debate one major issue: the country needs change,” he said.

Haydukevich stressed that the Liberal Democratic Party is making this proposal only to the moderate opposition.

Haydukevich urged the opposition to stop discussing who is “KGB agent” and who is “sparring partner”. In his opinion, it is necessary for the opposition to unite, as the authorities will go to the polls in one column. “Therefore, we also need unity,” he added.

The campaign “Tell the Truth” has not agreed to the proposal of the Liberal Democratic Party.

“We are open to building a coalition for the parliamentary elections in 2016 with the democratic forces, organizations and movements. Despite its name, the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus, we do not consider it a democratic organization. We are convinced that during the presidential election Syarhei Haydukevich worked in the team of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. Therefore, we see no grounds for joint actions during the parliamentary election campaign,” said the head of the campaign “Tell the Truth” Andrei Dzmitryeu to Radio Liberty.

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