Latushka announces creation of People’s Anti-Crisis Administration

Pavel Latushka, a member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council, has announced in his telegram channel the creation of the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration (PACA). It will operate together with representatives of the democratic political forces of Belarus.

“While the Constitutional Court was created to conduct negotiations, the PACA will be the body ensuring the achievement of the goals – the beginning of negotiations and stability in the country at the time of the transition of power to democratic forces. The body will also solve the tasks facing the country from the moment the ex-president leaves until the new elections and the transfer of power to the new government,” the statement says.

According to Latushka, Belarusians need actions to overcome the crisis; his team comes up with specific proposals: how to eliminate the causes of the crisis, achieve the start of negotiations, correct the situation in the economy, restore legality, etc.

For this, a team of specialists is currently being formed responsible for the development and implementation of these plans.

You can join the team by sending an application.