Pavel Latushka

Criminal case brought against Pavel Latushka's daughter
Seven criminal cases were filed against the Latushka’s family
Pavel Latushka says Kyiv too cautious with Lukashenka
“Lukashenka is actually mocking Ukraine right now.”
General Prosecutor's Office launches sixth criminal case against Pavel Latushka
Pavel Latushka’s “collection” contains six criminal articles
Australia could impose sanctions against Lukashenka's regime, Latushka says
The Thematic Sanctions Act is the Australian equivalent of the Global Magnitsky Act
New Zealand cuts diplomatic relations with Lukashenka's regime
New Zealand has added more than 70 people to its sanctions list
New criminal case opened against Belarusian opposition leaders Tsikhanouskaya, Latushka
The Investigative Committee of Belarus has initiated another criminal case against Belarusian opposition leaders Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya and Pavel Latushka; they are charged with ‘unwarranted appropriation of the title or power of an official’ (Article 382 of the Criminal Code).
From Autukhovich to Zeltsar: Belarusians labelled as 'terrorists' by Lukashenka regime
During 2020–2021, Belarus has seen an unprecedented increase in the number of criminal cases initiated under ‘terrorist’ articles. found out whom the Lukashenka regime considers ‘terrorists’ and how the authorities manipulate the topic of the terrorist threat.
Opposition leader Latushka: Lukashenka poised to ignite conflict on EU borders
Alyaksandr Lukashenka has appetite for a conflict on the borders of EU; taking into account the latest news, one can conclude that a serious provocation is in the making at the Belarus-EU border, emigre politician Pavel latushka warns.
Latushka says National Bank lying about inflation and forex reserves
Some things are understated and some things are exaggerated.
Latushka calls on IMF to block Belarus from borrowing money
He made a corresponding appeal to the IMF leadership
Slovenia withdraws permission for Belarusian consulate, while Italy hesitates about new ambassador
One and a half diplomatic scandals
Protesters in Poland and Lithuania set up tent cities on border with Belarus demanding change
Belarusians demand Lukashenka’s resignation.
Latushka threatens to block border between Belarus and Poland if EU does not impose sanctions
The action starts this Saturday