‘Immortal Regiment’ action banned in Minsk


Even a letter to Alyaksandr Lukashenka did not help the organizer of the action.

The Minsk City Executive Committee, in turn, suggested that the organizers join the rally “Belarus Remembers” and did not allow the “Immortal Regiment” procession to be held in Minsk. Minsk City Executive Committee passed a similar decision a year ago.

On May 7, the Russian news agency REX published a statement of the “Immortal Regiment” organisers in Minsk.

Screenshot from iarex.ru

They believe that they were offered to take part in the “separate action” and promised to go out into the streets, despite the official ban.

“Holding of a separate action “Belarus Remembers “is designed to separate the Belarusian, Russian and other peoples of the former USSR, who together fought against the Nazi invaders. In addition, we believe that holding a separate action contributes to undermining the ideological foundations of the Union State of Belarus and Russia,” the statement said..

In the statement, the organizers accuse the Minsk officials of “nationalism” and the support of collaborators.

Organizers who joined the Coordinating Council of the Left-Patriotic Forces “Unity” appealed to Lukashenka for “support for holding of the international action “Immortal Regiment” by resolving this issue urgently.”

“Immortal Regiment” is an international public action that takes place on May 9 in 80 countries of the world. During the action, the participants march in a a column and carry portraits of soldiers who fought on the side of the USSR during the Second World War.

May 6, 2018. Similar action in Seoul.

The action “Immortal Regiment” is planned to be held also in Brest and Vitsebsk.


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