Hunting for social parasites returns to Belarus

A the recent meeting on the economic development in 2020, Lukashenka appeals to officials: “Immediately engage in employment of the unemployed. Immediately register all the social parasites out there and make them work. “

And here is the result of the December meeting: the Minsk City Executive Committee has sent proposals to the Ministry of Labor to amend the legislation on the strengthening of tax control and payment of utilities for the unemployed.

The Minsk City Executive Committee has counted 67 thousand unemployed citizens. For them, the employment service offers 17 thousand jobs. Officials call this a favorable situation in the labor market.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Uladzimir Kukharau has promised, quote, “tough measures” to eliminate unemployment.

The decree on social parasitism was signed in 2015. Anyone who did not work for more than 180 days had to pay 170 euros in tax. The document sparked massive protests, and in 2017 Belarusians took to the streets across the country.

In January 2018, the fee was canceled. But since 2019, the unemployed had to pay in full for hot water, natural gas and heating.

Dziana Ratkevich /