Fourth independent film festival held in Minsk

It was unfiltered and uncensored. The fourth festival of independent cinema was held in Minsk. Animation, documentary, feature films, exhibitions and music concerts — all within two festival days. The awards were eventually received by all participants of the competitive part.

It was cinema as it is, cleared of gloss and stamps, impregnated with the search for new forms of expression, a project based on the study of visual DIY culture. The festival of “Unfiltered Cinema” was held in Minsk over the weekend.

The festival was held for the fourth time. It is international event that originates from “Cinema Perpetuum Mobile”, but which eventually became an independent competition.

“There were movies that you will not usually see, as in the movie theaters they show commercial films that bring profit,” said Alyaksandr Martynyuk, chairman of the festival’s organizing committee.

The program of the festival included documentaries, animation, experimental films, as well as the Belarusian program and section of virtual reality presented for the first time. Festival shows were intertwined with workshops, exhibitions and presentations. At the closing ceremony, the best works were awarded.

The main idea of ​​the festival is the rejection of external filters, censorship or cinematic fashion. The movie itself comes to the fore without attention to the author or viewer. This approach, according to the participants, helps to get rid of the fear of criticism, and, therefore, gives rise to the desire to take part even in an out-of-competition program first.

Maryia Artsibashava, Belsat, photo:

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