Flying out of Putin’s wing? Kremlin call girl seeks U.S. asylum

Notorious call girl Nastya Rybka (Belarusian citizen Anastasiya Vashukevich) and sex coach Alex Leslie (Alexander Kirillov) have reportedly asked for political asylum in the United States.

On February, 25.The duo were detained for illegal work, i.e. organising ‘sex training’ for Russian tourists, on the Thai island of Ko Lan, and put in prison in Pattaya. On February 27, Rybka promised to tell American journalists about Trump-Russia relations, if she was ‘sill alive’.

In Leslie’s letter to the U.S. embassy, he asks to protect them ‘as soon as possible’, because they have ‘very important information’ and their lives at at stake.

“We have photos, videos and audios of Russian authorities’ crimes, and I will hand them over to the United States, if you help us,” he promised.

Information about their seeking asylum has been confirmed by Rybka’s friend, a U.S. citizen, who allegedly delivered their letter to diplomats. At the same time, the U.S. Embassy in Thailand has not confirmed or refuted it.

Nastya Rybka’s massage to Vladimir Put in. ” We’re being transported to another prison again. To Bangkok. They don’t explained WHY. This is the 3rd prison. After “being released” on bail. Thanks to all journalists for their help and phone so we can film it. Our first officials of the state still hadn’t been taught how to ask for a date ” Nastya Rybka informed. Обращение Насти Рыбки к Владимиру Путину. «Нас снова перевозят в другую тюрьму. В Бангкок. Зачем не объясняют. Это уже третья тюрьма. После «выхода» под залог. Спасибо журналистам за помощь и телефон чтобы это снять. Наши первые лица государства так и не научились назначать свидание. » передала Настя Рыбка!

Post udostępniony przez Настя Рыбка (

On her Instagram, Rybka, who is facing deportation, also urged the Russian president to leave her alone :

“Tell me, please, why should one pull me out of Thailand, if I do not want to? I am a citizen of another country. I promised to tell you everything I know [about certain Russia oligarchs and officials], you should have meet with meI A week passed, you failed to meet with me but sent your employees. There are easier ways to date a girl!”

As previously reported, Anastasiya Vashukevich, a native of the Belarusian town of Babruysk, unintentionally revealed juicy details of a sex life of Russian oligarchs and top officials by posting compromising photos on Instagram. She even wrote the book A Story Of Seducing A Billionaire, Or A Clone For An Oligarch.

The case attracted attention of the Anti-Corruption Foundation led by Alexei Navalny which set up its own investigation and published the results in a new video on February, 8.

English subtitles

Russian authorities blacklisted the recent investigation by the Foundation. The materials are to be removed from its website, Youtube and Instagram. The decision was made by Roskomnadzor which referred to the ruling of Ust-Labinsk district court. Earlier, Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska sued Anastasiya Vashukevich aka Nastya Rybka over her publication of his private photos.

Billionare Deripaska, director of aluminium producer Rusal, and Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Chief of Staff of the Government Sergei Prikhodko (previously an aide to Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin) are involved in the corruption scandal. The video gives evidence of the duo’s taking a boat ride with the so-called good-time girls’ to the coast of Norway in August 2016.

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