Flower seller brutalized by police

The owner of the flower store “Pervy Tsvetnoy” Maksim Kharoshyn was detained in the morning of October 13 in Minsk. The man was known for giving flowers to girls on women’s marches. Now Maksim Kharoshyn is in the 3rd city hospital of Minsk.

Two cars with unidentified persons in balaclavas approached Maksim’s car. The man was taken out of the car and taken to the minibus with his hands behind his back. Maksim’s friend, Sasha Filipenko, posted the video of the arrest on his Facebook page.

In this condition Maksim Kharoshyn was taken from the police department by ambulance:

As the family lawyer Yulia Lyavanchuk told belsat.eu, Maksim and his wife were forcibly detained near their house. The wife was released and Maksim was taken to Pershamaiski police department, where the lawyer immediately went:

“They didn’t tell me where Maksim was a long time,” says the lawyer. “I demanded a book of complaints and suggestions; it wasn’t given to me either. When the ambulance arrived, Maksim was taken out all beaten. He could barely say anything. But he told me that he was beaten with batons and kicked at the police station.

“According to Maksim Kharoshyn, the police officers accused him of having allegedly disassembled a water cannon during the march on October 4 and set fire to the dacha of the Minsk riot police commander Dzmitry Balaba,” the lawyer said. All these are unofficial charges, according to him, specified Yulia Lyavanchuk, and no official charges were brought against Maksim Kharoshyn”.

Maksim’s lawyer believes that the man was detained for his active civic stance and for his participation in rallies against violence.

According to Yulia Lyavanchuk, now Kharoshyn is being examined and will be hospitalized in the surgical department:

“There are suspicions of a nose fracture and swelling of internal organs. A craniocerebral trauma and numerous bruises have been diagnosed”.

Katsyaryna Mustayeva, wife of Maksim Kharoshyn. Photo: belsat.eu

Now the lawyer and Maksim’s wife are in hospital. According to Yulia Levanchuk, for some time there were some people next to them, dressed in civilian clothes, whom Maksim Kharoshyn recognized as those who beat him.

“These people have left. But photos were taken. If we get all the documents after Maksim’s examination, we will file an application to the Investigative Committee to initiate a case”.

There was also information that the flower store “Pervyi Tsvetnoy” is being searched, but the lawyer could not confirm it.

Maksim Kharoshyn and Katsyaryna Mustayeva. Photo: Relax.by

Maksim Kharoshyn is a 34-year-old businessman from Minsk. Together with his wife Katsyaryna Mustayeva he owns the brand “Pervyi Tsvetnoy”, which is a flower studio. The couple has a minor child.

Belsat will follow the case.