First victory for ‘Mothers 328’ movement as state may grant amnesty to ‘drug article’ convicts

Juvenile fraudsters and those convicted under the “anti-drug” article 328 may be amnestied this year. Portal received a draft law “On Amnesty”, which is planned to be held on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders. The law will not affect those convicted for corruption. We spoke about the current situation with amnesty and who it may affect with human rights activist Andrei Bandarenka.

“… Of course, this is a victory for the mothers. If it were not for this movement (Mothers 328, one could hardly say that the state would make concessions to the demands of the public and show an act of humanism towards those who were convicted under the “drug” article. This struggle of the mothers forced the state to take a step forward. In fact, it was predictable. We hoped that Article 328, at least part 3, will be included in the amnesty. So it happened. And thank God it did, because usually not all convicts who end up in prisons under Article 328 should be there… ”

REUTERS / Vasily Fedosenko

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