Druzhba pipeline falls $23 mln short in profits over dirty oil

Gomeltransneft Druzhba has agreed with its Russian partners to increase oil transportation tariffs by 3.7%, Belta.by reports.

“At the same time, the Russian side promised to reach the volume of oil pumping, which will provide Gomeltransneft Druzhba with revenues in accordance with the business plan for 2019. The situation with oil transportation through the Belarusian part of the pipeline will be analyzed based on the results of the year’s work. Then we will decide on further actions,” explained Aleh Barysenka, General Director of the company, in an interview with the “Petrochemistry”.

According to Barysenka, due to the dirty oil from Russia, Druzhba lost $ 23 million in profits.


On April 19, the deterioration of oil quality was reported at the Belarusian refineries. Belarusian enterprises temporarily restricted the export of petroleum products, including gasoline.

The Russian company Transneft called the oil pollution deliberate, and a criminal case was initiated in Russia. One person involved in the vase was detained in Lithuania.

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