Crowdfunding campaign for Hurkou over in less than day

Belarusians have very actively supported the fundraising campaign for a famous athlete and musician Vital Hurkou to get him to the World Muay Thai Championship. The desired amount was collected in one day.


On April 13, it became known that Vital Hurkou, one of the vocalists of the Brutto band and the world famous fighter, who in March once again became the champion of Belarus in Thai Boxing, was no longer employed by the Ministry of Sport and did not get a salary. At stake was his participation in the World Championship in Sweden. Prior to this, management of the Muay Thai and kickboxing federation criticized Hurkou’s photo shoot with Pursuit and his posts on Facebook. The presidium of the Federation included people who tracked his movements, monitored Internet and collected information that would compromise the athlete.

In reaction to the news, platform announced a fundraising campaign for Vital’s participatation in the World Cup. “Vital Hurkou — real People’s Champion, World Muay Thai star, able to represent Belarus and win the world championship. Let’s help him collect the necessary sum for the trip to the World Muay Thai Championship in Sweden!” wrote the organizers of the campaign.

It was planned to collect Br 68 million 200 thousand (approximately € 3,000). All the money was collected in a single day. Donations were made by 170 people.


Maksim Yarashevich,

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