Controversial Stal’in Doner cafe opens in Moscow

A fast food outlet Stal’in Doner has opened in Moscow. Shawarma is served there in a wrapper with the image of the Soviet leader, and the staff wear the uniform of NKVD officers.

Among the main dishes are “GOST.Standart” shawarma, “Stalinskaya with double meat”, “from Beria – with tkemali sauce” and “Khrushchevskaya in cheese lavash”.

Photos of the cafe appeared on LiveJournal the day before. One of the pictures really shows a young man in the NKVD uniform preparing shawarma.

Irina Galkova, an employee of the International Memorial, talked with one of the owners of the cafe yesterday.

He answered all the questions willingly – “you are not the first to ask. I’m just very interested in the personality. I’ve already been told here – why don’t you call yourself Hitler! But we do not praise or scold him. He was just a bright personality. It’s catchy. It brought you in as well, didn’t it? All my life I dreamed of opening a cafe with that name,” Galkova quotes her conversation with the entrepreneur.

She clarified that she did not see a person dressed in NKVD uniform. But her interviewee confirmed that the worker is supposed to wear such a uniform.

Some social media users have already criticized the institution for the use of symbols, which many strongly associate with political terror.