Brest Drama Theater director dislikes independent media


The former ideologist, who last year was appointed head of the Brest Academic Drama Theater, forbade actors to give commentary to Belsat.

Former state ideologist Vyachaslau Harbuzau was appointed director of the theater last year. His predecessor Alyaksandr Kozak had worked in the theater for 45 years. The appointment caused a shock in the cultural environment of Brest. One of the subordinates of the new director compared his appearance in the theater with the arrival of an elephant in a china shop.

Vyachaslau Harbuzau. Photo from social networks.

Journalists of Belsat repeatedly heard complaints about the working methods of the new director. Now, they came to experience it firsthand.

“We have been recording videos in the theater for more than 10 years, and we never had any problems, until the new director appeared. I have known Harbuzau for more than 17 years. I was very surprised by his behavior. He approached me and said that he would not comment, but we can freely shoot videos and there will not be any obstacles for our work, but then he forbade the directors and actors of the theater to give any comments to Belsat, “says journalist Ales Lyauchuk.

On the world day of the theater, Belsat journalists were filming the “Night of the Theater”. The event was held in Brest for the first time.

Workers of the theater told the journalists of Belsat that they did not mind giving comments, but the director forbade them to communicate with our journalists.

Several years ago, the ideologist of the Brest regional executive committee Vadzim Lyaukovich forbade the opponents of the local history museum to give comments to the journalists of Belsat, but later changed his mind.

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