Bolivian top election official dresses up as man in attempt to escape

General Prosecutor’s Office of Bolivia issued a statement announcing the investigation into the stealing of the presidential elections in the country.

The prosecutor’s office initiated legal prosecution against the members of the Supreme Election Tribunal and other alleged participators in the electoral crimes.

As part of the investigation, a special commission will be established.

According to local media, Maria Eugenia Choque, Chairperson of the Bolivian Central Election Committee, and her deputy Antonio Costas were arrested while trying to flee the capital. Interestingly, Choque disguised herself as a man.

Presentación de María Eugenia Choque y de Antonio Costas.Video: Marco Chuquimia

Opublikowany przez EL DEBER Niedziela, 10 listopada 2019

Over the past three weeks, mass protests have been underway in Bolivia. People took to the streets when the voting results were voiced; the CEC declared that socialist candidate Evo Morales, who had been ruling the country since 2006, won the presidential election again. His main opponent Carlos Mesa accused the incumbent president of election engineering.

On November 8, the police started to come over to the protesters’ side. Two days later, Morales resigned.

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