Belarus archive publishes Marc Chagall’s school assessment sheets

The National Historical Archive of Belarus has published copies of Marc Chagall’s assessment sheets issued by a Vitsebsk school in 1900-1904.

In the academic year 1903-1904, the then 17-year-old student of Vitsebsk Municipal School had the assessment score of 4- (according to the five-grade scale). Chagall, who used the name ‘Movshe’ at that time, does not seem to have been very good at any of the subjects. He got ‘fours’ (good) even in Art and Drawing; his knowledge of STEM, Russian Language and History was graded only ‘satisfactory’. At that, the future artist’s good behaviour gave him the biggest points – ‘fives’.

The documents were first exposed in 2012, but it was not until fairly recently that the Historical Archive posted them on Facebook.

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