Belsat sources under pressure form authorities

On September 20, our correspondent Stanislau Ivashkevich received a call from “Maksim Aleksandravich” (number +375 29 551 5340) from the criminal investigation department. He offered to meet in order to refute the testimony voiced in the program “Honestly”. He refused to send these materials by email, insisting on a personal meeting.

This is a program in which doctors talked about helping those who were beaten and people who were raped in the days after the election.

The people from the program “Honestly Speaking” confirmed that the police came to them and demanded to give the contacts of the victims or to write down “confessions” of lies. But none of them agreed.

Katsyaryna Myarzhynskas, a resuscitator from the Surgery Center, received a call on September 17, and on the 18th they came to talk to her at work. On the 21st, she was taken from work at the police department for a “conversation.” She brought a lawyer there, and after 4 hours she was released.

The biologist and former teacher of the medical college Alena Khomich were visited by the security forces twice. She described these visits as harassment and refused to sign the protocols.

All the people mentioned are at large. The police did not say anything about bringing them to responsibility.