Belarusians to be fined 100 mln BYN in 2009

The state really “cares” about Belarusians. The government has adopted a budget for this year, which not only stipulates average salaries and pensions, but also defines fines. In 2019, Belarusians will be fined 100 million rubles. This means that each of us, including babies, will, on average, pay the state more than 10 rubles out of pocket for offenses. We will talk about a similar invention of the authorities with human rights activist Andrei Bandarenka:

“The state hopes that our citizens will more often violate the law. This is practically 70 percent of the population, which are already distributed by the state among those who must, along with the social parasites, replenish the budget. This year we are not very different from last year — 131 million planned for fines. But this in itself is quite strange, because either the state refuses to prevent crime and is systematically ready to expect for these violations to appear, to fine people, or the state precisely understands that the budget is not transparent and not ready to meet the demands of the economy in 2019, which means you need to provide for yourself…”

The detention of our colleagues Volha Czajczyc and Syarhey Krauchuk, who are likely to face trial and another fine came as a confirmation of the authorities’ work in this direction. The journalists were at a press conference convened over the fact that the leskhoz workers dismantled the memory cross to the Lithuanians killed in Kurapaty. The activists Yury Belenky and Valery Buyval, who installed the restored the cross, had protocols drawn on them for violating the order on the territory of high hstorical and cultural value. Journalist Volha Czajczyts was streaming her detention.

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