Belarusian detained at conference in Russia

People in civilian clothes and policemen came to the annual scientific conference dedicated to the topic “Revolution and Culture”, site reports.

Police officers checked IDs of all the participants of the open scientific conference. They said one of the participants, from Belarus, had been banned from entering Russia.

At first it was reported that the young man was “taken to the FSB office”. Human rights activist Alla Frolova told that the man was in the Torzhok Internal Affairs Department Office.

“We know his name, but we have decided not to disclose it. It is not known yet why he was detained. Allegedly, he cannot be on the territory of Russia, but we do not have a controlled border, and he cannot be deported. And if he did break the law, it is not known which one,” said Alla Frolova.

“Pryamukhin Readings” is the name of the scientific conference, which is held in the Tver region every summer. The conference website notes that it discusses the development of anarchist ideas and the problems of their modern embodiment.

You can see the conference program here.

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