Belarusian anarchist released in Russia

Арцём Маркін, фота са старонкі ў Facebook

As learned from the associates of the anarchist, Artsyom Markin had been released from the prison in the Tver region.

The Russian authorities ordered him to leave the country until July 13, as he allegedly “poses a threat to national security.” When exactly Markin returns to his homeland is still unknown.

Mikalay Dzyadok told that the siloviki accused Markin of “drug use”, since he refused to undergo a medical examination during the detention.

– The arrest actually occurred because he refused to talk with the FSB officers. And what did they do then? He was taken to the hospital for examination. He refused to be examined and was charged under the article of “drug use”. In this case, this article “is given” automatically,” explained Dzyadok.

According to Part 1 of Article 6.9 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, if a person refuses to be examined, this gives reason to believe that they have used psychotropic substances. The sanction in this case is a fine or arrest for up to 15 days.


Artsyom Markin was detained by FSB officers on July 8 during the scientific conference “Pryamukhin Readings” in Torzhok, Tver Region. Later it became known that Markin was banned from visiting Russia for some reason which is still unknown. In the detention center, the Belarusian citizen was not allowed to meet with a lawyer.

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