Donetsk separatists’ emblem in Belarus’ Hrodna (photo)

There was an emblem of pro-Russian separatists in a gray Mazda.

A pendant with the symbol of Russian-backed militants in Donbas fighters (two-headed eagle without a crown and the words “Donetsk People’s Republic”) was seen by passers-by in the parking lot near Yanka Kupala avenue in the Belarusian city of Hrodna. The owner of the car was not there. Judging by its numbers, the vehicle was registered in the fifth region, i.e. Minsk.

The use of such symbols is not subject to Belarusian law, Dzyanis Ivashyn, a project coordinator of OSINT website InformNapalm, told Belsat. The case is that Belarus has not officially recognised thegroups of Donetsk and Luhansk separatists as terrorist organizations.

“When noticing something like that, one should record or film not only thesesymbols, but even take the number of a car. These data can be passed to, for example, InformNapalm volunteers who could study them, identify the owner of the car and then spread such information,” Ivashyn recommends.

In his opinion, it is not ruled out that owners of cars with separatist symbols are not only adherents of the ‘Russian World’ idea, but also participants in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which, in accordance with Belarusian law, is a punishable offence.

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