Another Belaruskali miner chains himself in protest

Alyaksandr Kurban. Photo: TG Belaruskali strike committee

On Thursday morning, Alyaksandr Kurban, a shotfirer and worker at mining department #4, chained himself to a metal structure at a depth of 440 metres.

The man was in one of the mines belonging to Belaruskali, a world-known producer of potash fertilisers.

He put forward political and economic demands. i.e. a rise in salaries; providing workers with proper equipment; holding new presidential elections; releasing political prisoners; putting an end to police violence against peaceful demonstrators. He also urged the leadership to stop persecuting independent trade unions.

Alyaksandr Kurban was forcibly taken out of the mine and driven to a mental hospital; he was examined by doctors and then released.

In September, miners Aleh Kudzelka and Yury Korzun protested in such a way. The latter is now serving a 15-day term in jail.

Salihorsk: Police take out striker who refused to leave mine in protest