Activist Kabanau on trial in Brest

The trial of activist Alyaksandr Kabanau took place the other day in Byaroza in the Brest Region. The judge sentenced him to 5 days of arrest.

Activist present at the trial shouted “Shame!” in the direction of the authorities, who had adopted and implemented the unconstitutional decree.

Natallya Papkova, a civic activist, was also in the courtroom and yelled “Long Live Belarus!” three times. The slogan was supported by several male voices.

Natallya did not get to the March 5th march. She was in a psychiatric hospital in Brest at the time. Officially, the activist was detained, because she had not appear in the mental hospital. The woman declared a hunger strike in response.

On the same day the organizers of the march, Andrei Sharenda, was also detained. Before the trial held on 6 March he was kept in the detention center in Brest. He was fined 25 basic units by the court.

Participation in the March 5th protests in Brest got Andrei Dzenyushkin, Ruslan Khalikau, Aleks Kazlyanka, Pavel Zavadski and Zmitser Leuchuk all sentenced in court. The anarchists were detained by plainclothes police on their return home.

“Belsat” saves anarchists

Non-parasite march in Brest

About a thousand participants came out on March 5 in Brest streets to say “no” to the decree number 3. People were not restrained in their statements and addressed them not only to local officials, but also the main initiators of the infamous law.

Infromation about Kabanau’s detention was posted in social networks by the leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka.

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