Support rally for Dashkievich brutally dispersed

More than 40 people gathered today at the entrance to a prison camp where Zmitser Dashkievich – leader of the youth opposition group – the Young Front, is being held. His friends and opposition activists demanded that Dashkievich is allowed to see a lawyer.

Nasta Palazanka, a deputy chairwomen of the Young Front, said that administration of the prison camp expected today’s rally. The place where Dashkievich is held was fenced off, police vans were parked nearby and an additional checkpoint was created this morning. Ms Palazanka is Dashkievich’ life partner.

The group of 40 people who came to show their solidarity with the political prisoner, were brutally dispersed by the police. Fourteen of them were detained by the police, that included Palazanka and Mikolai Dzemidzenka, another leader of the Young Front. Demonstrators held posters with Dashkievich photos and slogans calling on a cease to repressions. Those detained where taken by a police van. Belsat journalist managed to reach Ivan Shyla, one of the arrested protesters. He said that most probably they are being transported to the nearest police station, but than the call was hang up.

Two former presidential candidates took part in the rally of support – Anatol Labiedzka, the leader of the United Civic Party and Uladzimir Niaklayev.

Zmitser Dashkievich was sentenced to two years in a prison camp for participating in the December 19th, 2010 demonstration against election fraud. During his detention, he has been sent already three times to an isolation cell – allegedly for violating internal prison rules. Zmitser’s friends are concerned that he might have been beaten and that is why the prison administration is not letting anyone see him.


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