Visitors to Navahrudak local history museum illegally detained

In Navahrudak Regional History Museum the police detained a group of about 10 people who had come to the museum for an excursion. They got their money back for tickets and were taken to the police department.

As an employee of Navahrudak historical and local history museum told, people had come and paid for a tour of the city on the history of Navahrudak Tatars. At two o’clock the museum guide Anastasiya Hrytskevich came out to the group on the square, but she was not even allowed to start the tour – the group was surrounded by the police.

The guide was not arrested. After a few minutes she returned to the museum, asked the cashier to return the money, as the tour had not taken place, and took it to the group. After that, the people were taken to the police station.

The museum clarified that the group members were not waving flags and were not marked in any way.

A few hours later some of the detainees were released. Protocols of interrogation of persons suspected of committing an administrative violation were filed for the tour participants.