New head of MES explains when rescuers can use weapons against Belarusians

The new head of MES, Vadzim Sinyauski. Photo:

Vadzim Sinyauski, former head of Hrodna regional police, now Minister of Emergency Situations of Belarus, recently gave a big interview to the state TV channel STV, where he spoke about the Ministry’s new challenges of Emergency Situations is facing.

Sinyauski notes that it is “difficult for him to adapt to the agency where you’ve never worked.” However, he said, the ministry itself initiated the change so that in case of emergency or martial law, rescuers would be included “in the forces and means to ensure the national security of the Republic of Belarus.”

“So, no matter how difficult it is, no matter what tasks we perform, we are men in uniform, and in case of a threat to national security and territorial integrity of the Republic of Belarus, the appropriate calculation, armament, and equipment is defined. In emergencies (let’s call them emergencies), we will actually perform, just like the internal affairs bodies, the tasks as assigned. The employees of the Ministry will be subject to the law “On Law Enforcement Bodies” on the conditions of use of physical force, non-lethals, and service weapons, and most importantly – employees will be just as legally protected from all kinds of threats,” said Sinyauski.

He adds that now there will be appropriate methods introduced into the order of personnel training, and the staff will be trained to “carry out tasks as intended.”

The official also commented on the MES’s work on the removal of national symbols.

“Only rescuers could arrive in hard-to-reach places. We did so. do so, and will continue to do so. Thank God, we managed to go through this difficult, complicated stage. The Ministry’s teams are quite strong, united, and ready to carry out their tasks,” Sinyauski said.

But he admitted that the staff shortage in the department is already about 6%.

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