Four groups of major foreign companies stop cooperating with BelAZ and BMZ

A BelAZ truck on the territory of the plant. Zhodzina, Belarus, June 26, 2021. Photo: AB / Belsat

German, Danish and Japanese companies have terminated cooperation with BelAZ and Belarusian Steel Works, reports the MotolkoPomogi telegram channel, citing the Professional Union of Belarusians in Britain (PUBB).

The German Becker Group, which supplied industrial paints and other products through its distributor Geramatic OY, wrote: “Following the imposition of EU sanctions on BelAZ, Beckers Group has ceased all transactions with BelAZ and anyone owned or controlled by BelAZ, effective July 9, 2021.”

Danish Danfoss Group said it had “ceased business that does not comply with the specified rules of sanctions.”

Another German company, Liebherr, which used to supply gear shaping machines and other equipment to BelAZ, also confirmed its “policy (is) to comply with applicable rules and regulations.”

Also, Japanese group Yokohama, known for its sponsorship of Chelsea FC, has confirmed to PUBB that its relationship with BMZ was recently terminated.

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