Lithuania stops BelAZ auto parts
The company is on the EU blacklist
Ex-deputy chief of Vilnius prison promotes the interests of BelAZ
How did the manufacturer of dump trucks BelAZ avoid sanctions, and what will happen with new supplies?
Cummins stops cooperation with BelAZ
This is not the first time
Rolls Royce ends cooperation with BelAZ
BelAZ will remain without engines.
Rally of BelAZ workers in Zhodzina (Photos)
A procession of BelAZ workers took place in Zhodzina in support of the striking workers and victims of police brutality.
Workers go on strike all over Belarus
Workers, doctors and even museum staff are on strike.
BelAZ plant on strike (VIDEO, PHOTO)
According to our correspondents, as well as Telegram channel NEXTA, the BelAZ workers in Zhodzina supported the idea of a national strike to protest against the falsified results of the presidential election.
Napoleon would never believe it: French girls bathe in Berazina River
C’est la Bérézina’ say the French when they talk about some kind of disaster or catastrophe. The expression took hold after the defeat of Napoleon’s army on the Berazina River in 1812. Ingrid Ponsy and Ophelie Guillouet-Lamy who came to Belarus from France, it is a must to go to Napoleon’s places and swim in Berazina. What else did the guests manage to do in Belarus?