Minsk: Office of PR agency Sette searched

On Tuesday, the police made an unexpected visit to the Minsk-based PR studio Sette.

The office was searched, three employees were detained, Radio Liberty reports.

Ihar Kolchanka, a former journalist at Lukashenka’s mouthpiece Belarus Segodnya (SB), is the director of Sette. He also worked in the presidential pool, but in 2012 he quit his job the newspaper to start a career path in the private sector.

Kolchanka’s team launched their first successful projects in 2011. In late 2014, Sette Studio positioned itself as a PR agency. Sette is known for its collaboration with brands such as A1, Alivaryia, A-100 and others. Sette also created projects in the Belarusian language.

According to zerkalo.io information, the detained women were later released. The reason for the search is still unclear.

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