Another hearing of Babaryka’s case begins

Photo by Telegram channel @viktarbabarykaofficial

The trial of ex-presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka began in a Minsk court.

A volunteer of Babaryka’s headquarters Levon Khalatryan came to the court session to support the defendants, and tried to attend the hearing, but was not allowed in because, allegedly, there were no more empty seats in the hall.

He said that Viktar Babaryka had sent him birthday greetings and that Babaryka really misses good coffee now.

Austrian Ambassador Aloisia Wörgetter came to the Belgazprombank trial.

Austrian Ambassador Aloisia Wörgetter Photo: tg-channel @viktarbabarykaofficial

Babaryka’s lawyer Dzmitry Layeuski said that Viktar Babaryka’s in a great mood. He is happy to see people who were able to get into the room.

“Any action – even action in the framework of the criminal process – is still better than a state of uncertainty,” said lawyer Dzmitry Layeuski.

The indictment was read out in court later that day. Dzmitry Layeuski notes that during the month-long break in the trial, everything goes on as usual, but there may be obstacles in the lawyers’ work:

“There is a draft of a regulatory act that will significantly complicate my work and the work of my colleagues. This and not only this case”.

During last year’s presidential election Viktar Babaryka tried to run against Alyaksandr Lukashenka. He is being charged under part 3 of article 430 (“Bribe-taking on a large scale”) and part 2 of article 235 (“Legalization (“laundering”) of the Criminal Code”). Babaryka pleaded not guilty.

The trial involving the Belgazprombank began on February 17. The case is heard by the Supreme Court in the building of a Minsk court.