1M dislikes: Pro-Putin rapper removes ‘ode to Moscow’ from Youtube

7 October 2017. Timati, who is a co-founder of the fastfood chain Black Star Burger presenting burger ‘Presidential’ on occasion of Vladimir Putin’s birthday. Phot. ТАSS/Forum

Overnight into September 10, Russian performer Timati (Timur Yunusov) has deleted the music video ‘Moscow’ which he made together with rapper Guf. Disliked 1.4 mln times for the past two days, the video has set a sad record on the Russian segment of Youtube.

The video was released on September, 7 on the occasion of City Day and in the run-up to the elections of deputies of the Moscow City Duma. It also triggered a wave of negative comments on Youtube: many webizens mocked at the authors’ blasting Russian protesters (‘I do not show up at rallies’), their unconcealed desire to please the Moscow authorities (‘I’ll eat a burger in the salutation of [Mayor] Sobyanin’) and other fragments of the song. The two men have been repeatedly asked for how much they were bought off.

According to the musician, he does not need a ‘shitstorm’.

“We overplayed. I love my city. I’ve been living here for 36 years. In my opinion, now it is in its best shape, for which I am very grateful to those who made it possible. Kudos to them. I have no intention to get at people for no reason; everyone has their own problems,” Timati wrote on Tuesday.

Rapper Guf (Alexei Dolmatov) posted a video message saying that he had been deceived and ‘framed up’.

“I am very sorry about my not monitoring te political situation in the country and in Moscow, in particular… [f**k]. I did not know that mayoral elections were being held the day before yesterday,” he said.

“I fell for this [bullsh*t]. I did not earn a kopeck on it,” Guf added.

It is not the first political text Timati has created during his career. He is known for releasing a music video ‘My Best Friend Is President Putin’. In one of his songs, he accused US leader Barack Obama of having a hand in Ukraine’s Maidan protests and called for regaining former territories of the Russian Empire.

In 2019, Timur Yunusov, Director of Black Star Inc, presented a new fashion collection. Representatives of the Russian Armed Forces contributed to its development. Phot. ТАSS/Forum



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