Hockey championship in full swing: Polish MEP denied entry to Belarus

Doctor Marek Migalski, a member of the European Parliament, was not allowed to enter Belarus.

On the night of May 12, when passengers of the train going from Warsaw to Minsk were passing the border control in Brest, the MEP was asked to leave the train. Marek Migalski and his colleagues were kept on the Belarusian border until the morning train to Poland.

The border guards reportedly told Mr Migalski that he would not be allowed to enter Belarus because of “Russia’s decision.” They would not elaborate.

Mr Migalski’s aides were not denied entry to Belarus but decided to travel back to Poland together with the European Parliament member.

Mr Migalski suggested that Russia could make such a decision in retaliation for his criticism of its human rights record and military intervention in Ukraine.

It is to be recalled that Swedish human rights defender Martin Uggla was detained in the transit zone of the National Airport Minsk-2 and said he was prohibited from visiting Belarus.

Marek Migalski is known for his strong statements concerning the situation with human rights in Belarus. He is a strong advocate of tough measures against the Belarusian regime. Migalski also campaigned for a boycott of the World Ice Hockey Championship in Belarus due to repressions against the opposition., following, BelaPAN

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