17-year-old protester detained after election-2015: Belarusians might disappear


The young man, upon whom the police drew a protocol for taking part in post-election protests-2015 in Minsk, has been summoned to the headteacher of his school. There have been no other consequences yet.

Yahor Skrabneuski was standing with a white-red-white flag on Sunday evening in Independence Square in Minsk when police officers approached him.

At first they said that Yahor would be charged with organizing an unsanctioned mass event. Then the policemen accused him of using expletives. As a result, they took Yahor to a police minibus, drew up a protocol and released him.

Yahor Skrabneuski is in the final year of School Nr 90 in Minsk. He says he took to the streets with a national Belarusian white-red-white flag to express their civic position, independent newspaper Nasha Niva reports.

“To put it briefly I am a patriot, and it says it all. I still cannot vote. But if I was 18, I would not have gone to the polls. I believe that this is a farce. [Presidential candidate Tatsiana] Karatkevich’s election campaign included certain interesting moments … but all the same, I would not have voted. This year my parents also have not voted,” Yahor says.

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The young man stresses that he was aware of the possible consequences of his act.

“But if everyone gets scared and doesn’t protest, then all Belarusians will disappear. Well, I got to a police station, but I do not regret it, it just happened. This could happen to anyone who shows their dissatisfaction,” Yahor believes.

The man does not know what lies ahead. He did not sign the protocol.

“I do not know how the situation will be developing, whether I will be fined or not. I hope that I have enough money to pay it. I refused to sign the protocol not due to my disagreement. The case was that it was not even shown to me. The police drew it up, and then they let me go, that’s all. My questions were not answered, but they behaved quite calmly. I did not have any documents, I’m a minor. They should have passed me to my mother, but I was released just like that.”

On Monday, Skrabneuski was summoned to the head teacher. But they just had a talk, the boy says. His presence in Independence Square after the election has not caused any trouble – at least, by now.

Belsat.eu, following Ulad Shvyadovich, Nasha Niva

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