Belarusian Uladzislau Chakalau transferred from Russia without extradition procedure

Exemplary image. Photo: IA / Belsat

Relatives of Uladzislau Chakalau have told Belsat that on September 16, he was taken to the border crossing point Novye Yurkovichi to be handed over to the Belarusian border guards.

Uladzislau claims that the extradition procedure in respect of him was not executed.

Uladzislau Chakalau is a citizen of Belarus as well as of Israel. He is a businessman. He is criminally prosecuted in Belarus for financing protests and tax evasion.

We contacted an acquaintance of Uladzislau, who told us that he wanted to cross from Russia to Ukraine on foot. He was detained at the border. This happened about three weeks ago. According to Uladzislau’s friend, the detention was harsh — the Belarusian was beaten and his teeth were knocked out, then he was taken to the camp for illegal migrants.

A Russian court decided to remove Chakalau to Belarus because his Israeli passport had allegedly expired.

“Taking into account that an Israeli passport in the name of Chakalau V.I. has expired, and no evidence to extend the validity of the passport was provided, the judge considers that Chakalau V.I. should be deported from the Russian Federation to the Republic of Belarus,” reads the court decision.

On September 21st, a complaint about the extradition of Chakalau to Belarus for criminal prosecution was scheduled. The judge did not consider it a valid reason for keeping the Belarusian in Russia.

Uladzislau’s acquaintance also told Belsat that the Israeli consul in Russia had issued a permit for Uladzislau’s return to his homeland. This was also considered by the court.

Our source said that Uladzislau called him and said they were taking him to the border. At about 2:30 p.m., he became unavailable.