Hungary refuses to extradite volunteer to Belarus
Ulasik was detained in Hungary in November 2021
Warsaw court refuses to extradite NEXTA founder to Belarus
The Belarusian authorities have long been pushing Poland to extradite Putsila
Russia turns over one more Belarus citizen to Lukashenka regime
Russia has extradited 25-year-old Belarusian citizen Dzmitry Padlobnikau to the authorities of the neighbouring country. In his homeland, the young man may be sentenced to up to 7 years in jail, the human rights centre Viasna reports.
ECHR forbids Russia to extradite protester to Belarus
Russian human rights activists have received the European Court of Human Rights’ decision barring the Russian Federation from extraditing prisoner Dzmitry Padlobnikau (Dmitry Podlobnikov) to Belarus, Roman Kiselyov, a representative of the Moscow Helsinki Group, said on Telegram.
Russia to extradite one more protester to Belarus
A Belgorod court has ruled to extradite 31-year-old Belarusian citizen Vadzim Duboyski, mediazona.by reports. In Belarus he is accused of ‘mass riots’ (Article 293 of the Criminal Code).
General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus prompts Russia to extradite singer Anzhalika Ahurbash
She was prosecuted for inciting hatred and discord and for insulting the president.
Boxer Kudzin's appeal against extradition to Belarus dismissed
In Belarus, he faces up to five years in prison.
Belarus authorities ask Russia to deliver MMA fighter Kudzin. He may face 5 years in jail
The Belarusian Prosecutor General’s Office has submitted a request for the extradition of athlete Alyaksei Kudzin to Russia’s Prosecutor General.
Latvian FM: Lukashenka regime’s request for extraditing Tsapkala must be turned down
Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics is set to reject the Belarusian authorities’ request for the extradition of former presidential wannabe Valery Tsapkala.
Belarusian authorities seeking extradition of NEXTA founders
The head of the international legal department of the Investigative Committee, Mikhail Vavula, recently told the SB that the Investigative Committee had sent documents for the extradition of Stsyapan Putsila and Raman Pratasevich to Poland through the Prosecutor General.