16-year-old teenager on trial in Homiel

The trial against Mikita Zalatarou has started in Homiel. The teenager, born in 2004, is accused under Part 3 Article 339 of the Criminal Code (“malicious hooliganism”), reports the correspondent of Belsat from the courtroom.

Mikita Zalatarou was detained on August 11. The law-enforcers took him away straight from his home. The teenager was only in his underwear. Law enforcers claim that during a peaceful protest in Homiel on August 9, Mikita threw a Molotov cocktail in the direction of a policeman. But the bottle did not hit anyone and no one was injured. But in spite of that, the guy is charged under part 3 of article 339 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (“malicious hooliganism”).

Dzmitry Karneyeu and Leanid Kavaliou are also in the dock with the teenager.

The trial over Mikita Zalatarou, Dzmitri Karneyeu and Leanid Kavaliou started in Homiel. Photo by belsat.eu

During the meeting with his parents, the teenager said that he was beaten by the police. After the torture, Mikita became ill. He has epilepsy. He was hospitalized in an intensive care unit. But a few days later the policemen took the boy from the hospital to Homiel temporary detention facility #3.

The case of the teenager is heard by judge Dzmitry Deboy.