Losik stops hunger strike, but Bantser and Furmanau continue

Ihar Losik, the creator of the Telegram channel @belamova, has been on a dry hunger strike since March 11. Yesterday it was reported that the political prisoner stopped his protest and is now in a punishment cell.

Ihar Losik has stopped the dry hunger strike. Now the political prisoner is in solitary confinement, where he was sent for 5 days for going on a hunger strike.

The reason for the new protest was the new charges brought against Ihar Losik. On 11 March the political prisoner tried to slit his veins in protest and started a hunger strike.

Ihar Bantser has been on a dry hunger strike since March 3.

Ihar Bantser. Photo: Facebook

“He is alive and determined. He continues his hunger strike,” said lawyer Alyaksandr Birylau.

Ihar Bantser is not force-fed, but sometimes the prison authorities measrse or try to measure his blood pressure.

On 11 March Hrodna political prisoner Dzmitry Furmanau started a hunger strike.