Significant date: Belarusian National Remembrance calls to fire salutes

On August 25, 1991 Belarusians fulfilled their long-held dream of gaining state independence.

22 years ago, on August 25 at 20:12, the Declaration of state sovereignty was awarded the status of constitutional laws. The Belarusian National Remembrance, a Polish-based organisation, has called to pay honours to the day of declaration of independence of Belarus and all the people who fought to the death for the country’s freedom.

“Let peals of salute on August 25 on 20:12 become our action and a reminder of the glorious and momentous day. Join us! Let’s fire salutes in honour of the Independence Day!” the BNR addressed to all non-indifferent individuals via social media.

On July 27, 1990 the Supreme Soviet of the Byellorussian Soviet Socialist Republic republic adopted the Declaration of state sovereignty of Belarus, which turned out to be the first step to its independence. But it was not until August 25, 1991 when the Declaration became a constitutional law. Then, under the pressure of parliamentary opposition the pro-Communist majority of the Supreme Soviet voted for the republic’s independence from Moscow.



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