Russian citizen detained in Belarus for illegal production of ‘protest paraphernalia’

Interior Ministry officials have arrested a 51-year-old resident of Minsk and a 29-year-old Russian citizen for illegal production of “protest paraphernalia” in a private printing house, telegram channel “Press-Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus” writes.

Reportedly, a Russian citizen from Pskov was in Belarus illegally. “Protest paraphernalia,” according to the Interior Ministry, were produced in the printing press after the end of the official shift.

“Secretly, using the technical base and consumables of the organization, they stamped WRW-flags, masks, banners, stickers, etc. Then they took the “fake” products home and provided them to participants of unsanctioned events. Of course, not for free,” noted spokesperson of the Interior Ministry of Belarus Volha Chamadanava.

According to the ministry, the production in a private printing house was carried out “more than a month”. During the search of the printing house, besides the produced materials, the Interior Ministry seized “computer equipment and work records with accounting, patterns, drawings and dimensions, the data of the customers”.

According to spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the detainees “regret and repent about everything”.