BelNPP power unit disconnected from grid

The automatic generator protection has been triggered at the first unit of BelPP. As a result of the incident, the nuclear power plant was disconnected from the grid, reports the Ministry of Energy.

On July 12, at 12:57 p.m., the first unit of BelNPP was disconnected from the network by automatic generator protection.

“In accordance with the standard algorithm, a reactor unit power reduction operation took place. The background radiation level at the plant and in the observation area did not change. The reasons for the power generator shutdown are being determined. After their elimination, the reactor will be back online,” reads the report of the Ministry of Energy.

Even during the construction in Astravets and the physical start-up of the first unit, it was repeatedly turned off.

At first, the blackouts were reported by telegram channels. On January 13, the first unit was turned on at 100% capacity. But as early as January 16, “after the generator protection system malfunctioned,” the power unit was disconnected from the grid. It was not possible to correct the errors until January 21. On February 5, the telegram channels reported the emergency-related problems with the circulation pump. The Ministry of Energy allegedly decided not to shut down the power unit, but later the agency denied this information. On February 19, the ministry reported a planned shutdown, followed by a “planned” shutdown on March 9. On March 15, the power unit was connected but was shut down again on March 25. On April 7, there was another shutdown of the power unit, and on April 30, the Ministry of Energy reported that the power unit was disconnected from the grid.

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