One more political prisoner in Belarus

The human rights community has issued a statement recognizing Vasil Lohvinau, a political prisoner, reports the HRC Vyasna.

Vasil Lohvinau was arrested for drawing a picture of “DJs of Change” on May 7 this year. Investigators opened a criminal case for this drawing under Part 2 Article 339 of the Criminal Code (“Hooliganism”). Before the detention, Vasil was a suspect under article 342 of the Criminal Code (“Group actions that grossly violate public order”).

The mural of the “DJs of Change” in the Salidarnast quarter in the Zapad neighborhood of Minsk. Photo by readers

Human rights activists think that the drawing didn’t lead to the damage or destruction of the facility, and the material damage was obviously of symbolic nature. Therefore, this act cannot be qualified as hooliganism.

Vasil Lohvinau’s imprisonment is politically motivated.

At present, there are 477 recognized political prisoners in Belarus.

Human rights activists demand immediate release of all political prisoners and an end to repressions in the country.