Ales Pushkin under detention

The artist who lives in the village of Bobr (Krupki district, Minsk region) was arrested in Minsk. He was to file a complaint against the sentence awarded by Smarhon district court in September 2012.

At the beginning of September a group of artist held an action in memory of Rastsislau Lapitski, leader of anti-communist underground. After attending the prayer service in church they were marching along the town of Smorhon carrying his portrains which had been painted by them. Suddenly the artists were caught and taken to the police station. After protocols being drawn up the action holders were adjudged guilty for participation in an unsanctioned event. Three artists were fined, Pushkin being sentenced to ten-day arrest. He went a hunger-strike in protest.

When he was released Pushkin announced his intention to appeal against the judgement.

On December 5, on his way to the Supreme Court, Ales Pushkin was carrying a portrait of Lapitsky. According to human rights defenders, this is precisely why he was detained when leaving the Supreme Court office.

Yesterday Ales Pushkin started serving his sentence in Minsk detention centre, its officers said.


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