Andrey Zeltsar’s widow transferred to jail and tortured

Maryia Uspenskaya’s relatives cannot pass her a parcel, and she remains behind bars without personal hygiene items and warm clothes.

Maryia Uspenskaya, the widow of IT specialist Andrey Zeltsar, was detained by KGB officers during the storming of their apartment. According to the Investigative Committee, the woman was criminally charged for complicity in the murder of KGB officer Dzmitry Fedasyuk. At first, the woman was placed in the Akrestsina jail. But now she has been transferred to the detention center in Valadarski street, reports Nasha Niva.

“When my daughter was in Akrestsina street, they accepted a parcel for her. There we passed warm clothes, a toothbrush. But just the other day, Maryia was transferred to the jail in Valadarski street. On Friday we took her parcel there, but they refused to take it. They said that she was under quarantine,” Nasha Niva quoted Uspenskaya’s mother as saying. “The lawyer just recently started working, so they have not been in touch privately yet. I haven’t received any letters from her. Therefore, I have absolutely no information about Maryia.”

The head of BYSOL, Andrey Stryzhak, writes that Zeltsar’s widow is “tortured by the cold in prison.”

“Maryia Uspenskaya’s outerwear was taken away, and the heating was turned off in the cell where she was held in Akrestsina jail. Given the cold weather, this is nothing short of torture and inhumane treatment. Moreover, the handed-over items did not reach her. Now Andrey Zeltsar’s widow has been transferred to pre-trial prison # 1 (Valadarka), and her parcel was again not accepted. Maryia has no basic things with her like a change of clothes, toothbrushes, etc.,” said Stryzhak.

According to the officials, on September 28th, EPAM employee Andrey Zeltsar shot and killed KGB officer Dzmitry Fedasyuk after law enforcers broke into his apartment. Zeltsar was killed with return fire, and his wife was arrested for complicity in the crime.